Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform where people with ideas can launch a project for something they want to build/make/do/… but need funding up ahead because they are poor little bastards like us, game brewers … 🙂

Once a Kickstarter project goes live people like you, potential customers, can help make a dream come true by promising you will buy our product if we raise enough money to have the game produced. There will be NO cost on your end if we do not get to the funding goal, let us make that very clear. The risk is completely on our end of the deal …

in case we reach the funding goal however you are expected to pay the money you pledged so we can get busy producing the games and ensuring they get to you (after we have taken a moment to drink a beer to celebrate of course)!

All in all this platform is a great invention that ensures people with things in mind can actually end up making what they wanna make offering it to people that want to have it. Isn’t that wonderful?!?

If you want the official (kinda boring) answer to the question what Kickstarter actually is, Kickstarter seems to have an answer prepared for you here:

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