We’re sorry, but this contest is closed since Monday, October 17, 2016.

The winners of our Pixie Queen contest:

Winners of a PQ T-shirt:
Bone White, MEME_V, Maystadt Michael, Rebelie, waldo0, Kerstens Luc, Nurves, Mateusz, Master of Disaster and BeloW06

Winners of a copy of Pixie Queen:
Ivanyosi Szabo Gabor, Dennis Deschildre, Melanie Behne, Zoltán Gecse, Lutgarde, Gianluca Casu, Alpaca76, cococoen and Bluestrike01

Winner of Pixie Queen & ALL our future Kickstarter games:

Congratulations to all the winners!

Contest rules

You may only enter this contest once, for a maximum of 5 possible entries in the drawing (if you get all correct) and 5 bonus entries if you are a Pixie Queen Fan on BoardGameGeek and participated in this contest. The odds of winning will be determined by the number of entries. The contest is open to anyone who has entered a valid and verifiable name and email address.

Employees, agents, volunteers and family members of Game Brewer or it’s affiliates, manufacturers, sales representatives, subsidiaries or parent companies, advertising/sales promotion agencies, and the immediate families of each are not eligible to participate in the Contest and shall be ineligible for any prize covered herein. Entrants acknowledge that Game Brewer is not liable for reimbursement of any prize or consideration other than the prizes listed above.  Residents of jurisdictions where this type of Contest drawing is prohibited by law or subject to registration are ineligible to participate in the Contest and shall be ineligible for any prize covered herein. No purchase or online access fee is necessary. Winners will be notified by email within 5 days of the contest end.  The prizes will be sent as soon as the game becomes available.  ‘All future funded Kickstarter games’ refers only to the basic pledge level of those games.  Game Brewer will ask the winners which size and gender they prefer for the T-shirts but it is possible another size and/or gender type will be delivered as these T-shirts are already made.

You may not discuss or share the answers to the questions posed in this contest. Users in bad standing due to unresolved trade, marketplace, or exchange issues are ineligible to enter. Any entrant found to have violated any of these contest rules will be disqualified.

By clicking the “Submit” button you agree to the above rules.

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