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Pixie Queen

A game by Rudy Seuntjens     –     Art by JocArt

(Expected September 2017)

Suggested Retail Price:  50 €

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Product Description


PIXIE QUEEN is a smoothly playing worker-placement game about a Queen who rules over her subordinates like a true tyrant.  The legend tells of pixies being small flying naughty creatures often spotted in the area of Cornwall and Devon in the UK.  Pixies steal from humans and often torment other creatures.  According to the game they are obliged to do so by their Pixie Queen…

Winner of the game is the player with the fewest points since the only points one can earn (or avoid) during the game are penalty points.  Reward points will not be given out until the end of the game.  You can receive rewards by charming the Queen with a golden ring, additional offerings during the game or promoting your pixies to faithful servants of the Queen.  Obtaining each reward demands completely different game tactics.

In summary, the game consists of a maximum of 7 rounds with 5 phases each:

  1. Plundering food (honey, apples, bread) in Truro, the nearest human village.
  2. Perform actions with your 4 action disks to maximise your profits and gain more goods. There is a choice of no less than 21 different actions.  For most actions 2 action disks are needed unless you can enlist the help of a pixie.
  3. During the sacrifice phase all players simultaneously offer gold, silver or food to the Queen. She will only accept the food she has a craving for in this round.
  4. Receive possible rewards: promote pixies to become a faithful servant or get a better trading position to obtain gold or golden rings.
  5. Penalty points are given to the pixies that didn’t achieve enough according to the Queen.


What’s in the box?

  • the game board
  • a rule book in English, German, French and Dutch
  • 5 individual screens with a unique pixie figure
  • 300 (!) wooden pieces:
    • 25 kneeling pixie figures (5 pixies in 5 colors)
    • 20 action discs, 10 small trail discs, 5 score markers, 5 small and 5 big cubes (9 player pieces in 5 colors)
    • recourses: 40 apples, 40 breads, 40 honey pots, 60 silver cubes, 30 golden cubes, 20 rock cubes
  • 1 die  (1/1/2/2/3/3)
  • 59 tiles: reward tiles, extra reward points, permanent skills, food tiles, one time advantages, round counter tiles
A perfect mix between complexity, strategy and mischief 🙂.  A top notch game!
Marc Van Kerschaver www.facebook.com/gamebrewer.games
There’s a unique workerplacement part that I’ve never seen before in any other game.  Highly recommended!
Leen Dirk www.facebook.com/zomerspel
We are convinced and looking forward to playing it a lot more!
Henk Allaert www.facebook.com/pixie.queen.game
Also the artwork is fantastic ! Can’t wait to see it on Kickstarter !
roadie75 www.BoardgameGeek.com
A lot of different actions in the game, but the icons are very clear.    I’VE GOT TO HAVE THIS 🙂  
Bellaatje www.BoardGameGeek.com
Careful attention has been given to artwork, a new and novel theme, and making sure that gameplay feels like ‘being tyranized by a queen that’s never satisfied, and at the same time being bothered by those other pixies’.  
Geert Viaskov www.BoardGameGeek.com
I was doubting between an 8 or a 9 because I was really enthoustiastic about this game.
Ilse23 www.BoardgameGeek.com
Played the demo-version and wanted to play it again immediately (so I did!)
Fozz www.BoardGameGeek.com
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