by Albert Ma      art by Nestor Marinero Cervano
 4-9    8+    30′


Release date: To be determined



You know when you debate whether or not you should help that little old lady cross the street or instead run to catch your train on time? It’s the little Angel and Demon on your shoulders, whispering in your ears, both trying to influence you on a daily basis.

Well, it’s about time the roles got reversed. Dilemma allows YOU to influence Angels and Demons! You can help decide which side will end up victorious!

What you need to do to win, is convince Dennis to join your side. Dennis, the Peace Dove, is the Dove of Doves. He determines whether the Angels or Demons are winning. But Dennis is actually not the *ahem* brightest of Doves… He can rather easily be swayed by Angels and Demons alike to turn to one side or the other.

But that’s not all! You and your fellow players will also try to collect as many Feathers as possible. Angels will provide plenty of Feathers, but Demons will be able to steal them. Win the game by choosing the right side and collecting the most Feathers!

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Dimensions 23 x 17 x 5 cm
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