If you didnt check out our latest Kickstarter yet, youve got 5 hours left! 

This has been a crazy ride, with an end result of more than €250k, way higher than we hoped for! A big thank you to all our backers! You are amazing!



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Bin dabei und freue mich schon 😀

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Game Brewer is looking for volunteers to demo our games Chimera Station, Gentes, Castellum and the Forbidden City at the UK Games Expo (1-3 June). Native or excellent English speakers only, 3 persons each day. We offer a nice reward (expense allowance + games). Thanks!


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Jason, is dat niks voor u? 😉

Ik wil en kan heel het weekend, moet alleen maandag even checken op het werk voor die vrijdag. And english is not an issue.

Amgoth Bernie Bernaers?

Sara Marques Homero Damico Diogo Fonseca

might be interested 🙂

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Roland Roland

Christa Verheyen

The link to kickstarter doesn't work

Where can I find the KS link pls?

It's not live yet. At 5pm CEST we launch.

We are live!

Thanks !

backed 🙂

Hello, I was just curious to know what TMG’s role regarding the The Forbidden City board game? Are they only fulfilling the North American market when the game goes to retail only and the Deluxe Edition is only published by Game Brewer? Shipping is 28$CAD(18Eur), however with TMG it’s usually 11.50$CAD($9USD). That’s a big difference. I know they arrange shipments with Snakes and Lattes in Toronto.

Ludivine Messin

Great game

Cleo Maillard

Looks great. Absolutely hate the new name and the font. I’m staying as a backer for now, to see if anything else changes. Please get rid of the new title Gougong

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Congrats to Stefaan Henderickx!! Hes the lucky winner of our Forbidden City contest. A big thank you to all participants!


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😀 Joepie. Bedankt voor de wedstrijd en succes met het lanceren van dit spel.

Wist zelfs niet dat er een wedstrijd was 😮😉 Toch gefeliciteerd Stefaan




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