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For strategic reasons, Game Brewer is going to launch a new brand name soon for its line of family games (like Festo!, Architectura, Castellum,...) 
We think we prefer a short language independent name, but actually we dont have any idea yet. A link with our home country Belgium would be awesome (like the name Game Brewer refers to the many Belgian breweries πŸ˜‰).
Thank you and good luck!

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Little Brewery (games)

Game Sprouts πŸ™‚ I love Brussel sprouts.

Amuza Games. "Amuza" means fun in esperanto (a constructed language)

Game chocolate maker Game & Fun mixer Belgian Games Maker Waffles Games

Microbrewery ou Malting Factory

So it is not a name for a new game, you are looking for!? Is it as a replacement for the name/brand “Game Brewer”!? I’m a bit confused

BEALEA - you get Belgium, beer and play/games 😊

Crest games! Like a family crest, because your games can be played within your beloved groups of people😁 at first i thought about round table games, but i already found something like that.

Games for Keeping (a play off of Biere de garde); Blond Games; Farmhouse Games

"Game Brewer - canned", en je brengt ze allemaal uit in blikken doos om visueel het onderscheid te maken

Bubble Gum Games (dan kan je in't logo tussen de G en de u nog een kleine i verstoppen πŸ™‚ )

suggestions de nom : "SpeedyCool" ou "Fun&Spicy" ou "RTP:Ready To Play" ou "1-2-3-Play" ou "LaMadelon (....vient nous servir à booiire !" ou "Un jeu brassé avec finesse se déguste avec plaisir" ou en anglais "Brewed4Fun" (le 4 évoquant le nombre de joueurs et le mot "for") ou "Brewed4Think" d'autres déclinaisons "Brewed4Fight", "Brewed4Slash", "Brewed4Civ", etc...une autre idée en référence à "Elvis Presley" : : 'LMB : LoveMeBrew"

Chocolate Waffle Games

Chocolate fountain Chocolate maker

Pint-sized Play! Dice Distillate! Family Ferment!

Game Malt; Game Hop; Apero Time; Game Appetizer; ...

Gateway brews GB Family Family Zwanze Games Manneken Pis Games

Game Drawer. Explanations : - a drawer to stock games - a brain is a drawer of ideas to design games - a drawer is also a designer of "comic strip" wich is a part of the belgian culture - same name structure as Game Brewer

Under construction games

BeBrewer - The family brewer - BeFamilyGames

- Meeplekepis - Dicetomium - Dwarven Ale games

- Selection Draft - Games with lov'

Fries Games is a bit easy but if you want a name refering to Belgium it's clearly OK πŸ˜€ I would say Man can Game/Manneken Game. But it's 2019, so maybe women won't agree πŸ˜‰

maybe "the chocolate meeple games"

Chocolate Games Game fryer

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